The 7 Biggest Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make Online

While perusing Reddit, as I often do, I came across this wonderful post by a user named FrankieFihn1227. Frankie obviously has seen many would-be entrepreneurs make the same mistakes over an over again, so they posted this sage bit of advice. Sadly, it hits pretty close to home for me, since I just started this business and have worried about several of the same items he mentions in his list.

I certainly intend to heed his words, as well as many of those who commented on his post, which can be found here. Below is the list for those of you who can use a little good advice:

  • They obsess about creating websites, logos, and a bunch of other #?!* that isn’t going to produce the end result they’re looking for. They do a lot of “getting ready” instead of “doing”. They are subtle masters of avoidance. If you’ve ever spent weeks trying to get your website ready or your slides perfect, this is you.
  • They market themselves in waves and cycles and don’t show up consistently. One month they put out 10 posts and then they disappear for 4 months. They never get to experience any momentum and the hard-earned fruits of their labor. Nothing started ever reaches the finish line. Entrepreneurial ADD eats them for breakfast.
  • They chronically undercharge. They have all kinds of mental baggage about what people will and won’t pay. They either don’t feel like they deserve it, they don’t feel like people will pay a lot or both. They may even feel that the market is overly crowded and competitive, which results in all sorts of hoarding, territorial behavior, cattiness, and scarcity-driven ideologies. And sometimes even when people do pay them, they feel guilty about taking the money.
  • They’re afraid to put themselves out there. Afraid to be real. Afraid to be raw. Afraid to be judged. Afraid they’re not good enough. Afraid to truly be seen. Afraid to be seen as themselves. So they play small. It’s easier. Safer.
  • They don’t feel like their passion can be monetized. Or they feel guilty for charging for their deepest gifts. Making money with what they believe in somehow feels wrong. It clashes with their healer instinct. They really just wish they could give it away for free. It’s actually easier to charge for something that’s not in alignment with their purpose.
  • They don’t see themselves as an authority. They think they need another 20 years of experience and certifications out the #?!* before they’re truly ready. They’re looking for someone else to give them permission to be ready.
  • They don’t know how to advertise and market themselves effectively. They don’t know what works and why. They don’t know how to present themselves and stand out from the noise. They don’t know how to fish in the right pond with the right bait.

Again, wise words from an unexpected source. Here’s hoping that we can all be successful while avoiding these common pitfalls that plague many entrepreneurs. Contact me if I can help navigate a path that will take your business beyond these common mistakes.