Free Email Signature Generator

Looking to give your email signature an upgrade, but don’t want to pay for an expensive service? Hubspot has come to the rescue with a robust Free Email Signature Generator. It offers many features that will make your emails look more professional, as well as driving more traffic to your website.

One thing I’ve always noticed is someone’s email signature, although I myself only used a simple two-line text signature for years. Many that I have seen are way too clunky or present too much information. Others have ten paragraphs’ worth of legalese lurking below their basic contact info. This option seems just right, in a Goldilocks kind of way, for my sensibilities. Yes, you have to give up a little information about yourself and your company to Hubspot during the process, but why worry about one more company knowing your information? It seems well worth the tradeoff, so I recommend taking the plunge.

Be sure to take advantage of this free service offered by Hubspot.